Thursday, August 19, 2010

HIlbert: A Hisey Fit?

Okay, so they weren't the signings I was expecting. I am waiting (patiently) for the Doug Weight contract to be finalized which was (hopefully) to be done some time this week. Well, sometimes these things take longer than expected.

But I never expected to see (Amazing) Andy Hilbert back in an Isles jersey. Not that I have anything against him. I do remember a few games where I actually exclaimed "Wow. I actually NOTICED Andy Hilbert tonight." I am just surprised. But it is a one-year, 2-way deal so I'm sure this is a well thought out insurance policy for Gordon and Capuano with a seasoned vet who already is well acquainted with their system.

Also along with the Hilbert surprise is a relative rookie pro named Rob Hisey from the AHL & CHL. While Hisey may be short in statue (making Jason Blake look tall) he is supposedly tall on skills. We'll have to see. One quote I found yesterday said he makes Rob Schremp look like an amateur. That's a mighty TALL order if you ask me.

Two seconds on politics: I'm really annoyed with this whole deal with the Montaukett tribe trying to keep the Shinnecocks from gaining federal recognition. It's BS plain and simple. This is the CT owners group from Mohegan Sun trying to keep the Long Island tribe from building and taking away some of their revenue. It's a crock. This is not something I would have expected from a proud native people. This is a bunch of money hungry lawyers at work.

I'm a life long Long Islander and very proud of our Indian heritage for our little strip of land. When I was a braid-wearing youngster, I dreamed of finding out I actually had some native blood in me. Every Thanksgiving pageant in school I didn't want to be a pilgrim; I was an Indian and there was no getting around it.


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