Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Mash-up

Which basically means, I don't have anything really to report so let's just throw out some quick hits and see what sticks.

Rob Schremp is still trying to get to 4400 followers on Twitter so that he will then announce his contribution to the Special Olympics. You can help him out if you haven't followed him yet on Twitter.

Along with Rob's charity work, Bruno Gervais has teamed up with the Clark Gillies Foundation for one particular event that will be held on September 19th in Melville, NY at the Rosewood Inn on Route 111. There are 22 men willing to shave their heads for charity, including Clark himself who has pledges of $1570 so far. Fellow Dynasty member Bobby Nystrom has also volunteered for the task, yet has NO pledges as of yet. Hmmmm... Maybe because Nystrom doesn't have quite as much hair as Gillies.

But this is about getting pledges for Bruno. You can click on here to see the donation pledge. You know any amount helps him out. While you're there, check out the rest of Clark's site.

Over the weekend, when I was in PA and not thinking about hockey very much, I was receiving DMs asking if Garth Snow was going to go after Stempniak. I did receive an answer, but you already know it -- Nyet.

Speaking of "Nyet" -- so like is the NHL going to say "Nyet" again to the latest incarnation of the Kovalchuk deal? Is the cap hit REALLY $6.66 million? Is this one written to be less a circumvention of the cap than the last contract? Oh, we'll just have to wait and see now won't we. All I know is -- If the Devils sign Kovalchuk and it makes it difficult to keep Zach Parise, then I hope the Islanders would do anything in their power to snatch him up.

The latest issue of Hockey Quarterly is now available on ling and just as all the others, it's done exceptionally well. Clayton Hansler and his editing staff do an exceptional job putting this website together and coming up with the ideas. This issue is all about the "Big D." Check it out, no matter what team you are a fan of.

Frans Nielsen has been subjected to a Twitter Q&A today. Answers should be posted some time tomorrow. He has also received quite a few accolades this week. A lot of people are really looking forward to seeing what he can do this coming season.

Spend $30 or more at the Isles team store this week and you'll get a Matt Moulson t-shirt. I remember when they couldn't keep the regular shirt in stock
And at least unlike Rob, Matt didn't change his number.

We are so close to training camp, but even closer to those two prospect games in Boston on 9/15 & 9/16. I am STILL trying to find a way of getting to Boston for at least one of those games, but no one is taking the bait! UGH! So if you're going, I'm jealous.

Kraft Homestyle: Not exactly fast food, it actually took me a long time to make but the new homestyle Mac and Cheese is about as close to grandma's baked with love
product that you will get. Next time I'm throwing lobster and peas in it and serving it for company.

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