Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Chatter: NHL Stadiums & NHL Cupcakes

I don't travel often, but I do enjoy it when I do. I would love to hit up a few away games this coming season in places I have never been such as Nashville and the new Pittsburgh arena. Knowing what to expect when you get there is always beneficial. That's why this new site called Stadium Journey can be a great resource for anyone heading to a venue for a sporting event that they've never been to. Checking out the site, I see that our own Islanders stat guy, Eric Hornick wrote the entry on the Coliseum loving called, "It's a dump, But it's OUR dump." Only a true Islander fan can explain that as well. Fabulous information for anyone traveling or just curious as to how their home arena stacks up to another.

So check it out, no matter what sport you're interested in or where you live.

Now about those cupcakes:

I haven't been to Huntington in years, so I took a zen drive yesterday morning to the Cupcake Gourmet to visit cupcake lady Amy and her crew of master bakers and candy makers. While the street address 46-I Gerard Street, the shop isn't easy to find as it is down an alley off Wall Street Coffee Cafe. Luckily I was meeting with Johnny Z from Yes!Islanders and he found me wandering around the parking lot, lost.

The store is bright and inviting with stainless steel tabless and chairs if you want to enjoy a little sweet treat and relax. However, there's no relaxing for Amy and her staff who cranks out thousands of custom cupcakes a week.

Amy gets custom orders daily and was busy working on some beautiful Lime cupcakes with handmade sugar palm trees created by her master confectioner, Maddie.
So while she didn't have too much time to chat, she did tell me how excited she was about the opportunity to work with the Islanders and is looking forward to developing some new flavors named after some of the Isles fan favorites. I gave her a hint that Matt Moulson's favorite is Macadamia nut.

There is no price list posted in the store, but the cupcakes are a very reasonable $1.50 for the mini and $2.50 for the regular size. I'm not sure how much they will be when that Cupcake Gourmet cart hits the coliseum concourse. But no matter what,
#NHLCupcakes are here and I'm pretty sure others will follow suit.

So look for them on the concourse this coming season or give the Cupcake Gourmet a call at 1-631-683-4100 if you're looking for something special and sweet for a special occassion. And check out Johnny Z's entry and video from Saturday on Yes!Islanders. He's a little shy, but I've got a photo of my blogger buddy.

So... Is it October yet?

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