Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nine Minutes with Rick DiPietro on

This was my favorite photo of DiPietro. January 2004, STH signing party, staying behind until every fan on the line received a signature and a conversation. He was the best!
And fresh from the proofreader's hands the final cut of my sit down with Rick DiPietro yesterday as he heads into training camp with a new attitude and a new outlook.

Thanks to the Islanders PR staff for being so accomodating to the job that pays me. I really do appreciate it! And many thanks to Tom Chiesa for his (free) copy-editing work. Some day it will all be worth it!

And while the photos I took yesterday were horrible because I didn't get close enough to the glass with my not-so-great camera, here is the 25 seconds of tape I took. I did it just for the sounds. Oh, how I missed those sounds!


Anonymous said...

The Islanders were accused Saturday by it's former team employee of it's stories being staged regarding Paul Martin and Ilya Kovalchuk on Saturday.

" We will find out if the Islanders are serious about winning when the unrestricted free agency period brings an important piece to the puzzle, not staged stories like this summer of trying to lure Paul Martin and placing a call to Ilya Kovalchuk. "

Seems like those kinds of accusations merit a response.

7th Woman said...

Dear Anonymous:
YOu want a response on that from ME? Sure. "former team employee" reads to me "someone with an agenda."

Many people may not think the Islanders are serious about "winning" but I can tell you they are absolutely serious about developing their talent. Which may be the reason to they have not made a huge splash this off season.

They are putting their time, effort and money into developing the talent they have drafted. But I do not have any doubt that calls were placed to both Kovy's and Martin's agents offering up some sort of deals.

New York Islander Fan Central said...

Sorry about anonymous, did not know it posted like that.

New York Islander Fan Central.

I already sent e-mails to Mr Hankinson and Mr Grossman to see if their Islander related comments earlier this summer and this past week in the sporting news were part of " staged stories " or real negotiations.

Our former team employee is obviously our former VP of communications, Chris Botta who wrote Martin/Kovalchuk stories were staged at Fan House in his Islander preview.

Seems Mr Botta feels Mr Hanickson's comments on Snow's negotiations with Paul Martin and Mr Grossman (Kovalchuk's agent) this week in the sporting news are somehow staged stories which means agents were part of this.

I don't know what can be staged about reports of the Islanders offering Martin more money and a promise of a trade if he's not happy? Mr Grossman said Snow made the same call other teams did this week regarding Kovalchuk.

So how come only our gm's efforts are written up as being staged?