Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pre-Season check-in

Today is September 8th and we can all say Happy 18th Birthday Nino Niederreiter! (although it is hard to type when you're trying to do three things at once.)

Yes, today our newest hot prospect turns 18-years-old. As he has turned 18 prior to September 15th, the start of NHL training camps, he is eligible to sign his first entry level contract. However, I am guessing that the Islanders will wait until they see how he does at the prospect games in Boston (that I still wish I was going to) and at camp with the rest of the squad hopefuls.

Katie Strang was at IceWorks yesterday for the informal practice that many of the players attended. She had a change to talk to Mr. Elusive, Rick DiPietro. Nothing earth-shattering of course. He is still quite guarded but looking forward to "normalcy" as he put it. In all honesty, in the past seven years has anything about that man been "normal"?

They are STILL talking about poor Dan Ellis this morning on the XM Home Ice Hockey This Morning. However, like me, they agree that he should not be crucified for his comments as that will make others shy away from revealing their feelings and personality. I have something on it as well but am waiting for some number confirmation. You know... RESPONSIBLE BLOGGING and all. ahem ahem. Would never think of putting something out there that I haven't researched.

Okay, Late for work as usual! more later.

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