Sunday, October 10, 2010

isles 4 Stars 5 in Shoot Out Loss

*11:44pm: With a 5 - 4 Shoot Out Loss, the NY Islanders have begun their season. but not without injury.

After playing only 5:18 in seven shifts, John Tavares hit the ice and stayed sprawled, face down. I didn't even really see what happened. I waited for him to get up and shake it off
but instead he was dazed and confused and headed off the ice.

The team rallied without their star player and after trailing for most of the game, Matt Moulson tied it at 17:21 into the third. I told Matt "And that's one."

Doug Weight has never looked better. he had a 3 oint night tallying one goal and 2 assists on six shots. He is a new man.

Rick DiPietro had not problem blaming the loss on himself. He told every one of the reporters the second goal was his fault. But their were Stars goals that were the by product of defensive breakdown.

With John Tavares out of the game, Doug Weight was double shifted and played 20:25. Andrew MacDonald played a team high 23:35. Nino Niedereiter played 18 shifts and 11:27 in front of his family and the Swiss press.

Martinek didn't leave the ice and had an assist. James Wisniewski had a goal, an assist a pentalty and four shots. He also had one hell of a hit that sent a player dazed to the bench.

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feralcatsspayneuter said... news of the night..martinek playing a full game. Not too bad of a game though, considering. Atleast, it was entertaining. Only hope to have many more entertaining games with some Islander wins..