Friday, October 1, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen: It's finally HOCKTOBER!!!

Yes, the day we didn't think we'd see way back in April has finally arrived. It is October 1st and we are in the Month Of Hockey!

Last night, while I was at the Boulton Center, the Islanders were featured on one of my favorite shows, 30 Rock. I didn't get to see it, but there are clips floating around the net where a character in a Tavares jersey chirps Matt Moulson.

Well, you certainly know you've arrived when you're featured on a network sitcom during prime time. Matt Moulson: YOU have arrived. I'd love to know who made this happen. It's awesome. Not that what Kevin Conolly does on HBO isn't great, but COME ON!! This is NBC! This is 30 ROCK! This is awesome! What's next? Rob Schremp does a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live? It could happen!

So while the Islanders can be featured on a major network during prime-time, Cablevision has decided not to air the Islanders preseason games. I understand that when the games are being played in a local arena in Saskatoon. I don't understand when the games are being played at the Prudential Center against another Tri-state team that is prominently featured on the MSG networks.

So while the Devils will play the Islanders tonight, I have no idea how to follow the game other than Twitter updates and pirate websites. Personally I think that's a pathetic decision on the part of MSG.

Saturday, October 2nd the Islanders will be playing their only pre-season game at the Coliseum. At least I'll be able to see that one - in person.

Sidenote: Richard Marx and Matt Scannell performing as an accoustic "Duo" (the name of their CDs) are nothing less than impressive. Talented, funny and engaging they spent two hours going through old songs and new ones as if reading from a personal diary with raw exposed emotion.

Scannell of Vertical Horizon and Richard Marx of the 80s Mullet have a special chemistry together that brings out the best in each other. See them if you can, buy the CD if you can't.

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