Monday, November 15, 2010

Gordon: From Hired to Fired

I was there at the August press conference when Scott Gordon was announced as the new head coach. I was pleased as punch when Brian Burke and USA Hockey asked him to be on the coaching staff of Team USA. I was angry as hell today when news came over that he had been fired. I have a full post here at But this is just a few more personal words on the subject.

Scott Gordon was not only a great teaching coach, he was also good to the inexperienced blogger that wasn't sure what questions to ask. He took the time to answer even the stupid questions in great detail with patience.

To those people who said he has no personality, I say you don't know Scott Gordon. He could be witty and charming and downright funny when the mood struck him which was may not have been often but it was well worth it.

Maybe better one of scott on Twitpic

I've said it all day, I will say it again: I'm not happy about this move.

Also, I guess my Scott Gordon suit watch series is down the tubes. Damn it. No one dresses better.

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