Friday, November 5, 2010

Not AS Bad?

That's the line that bothered me most in this morning's article in Newsday by Katie Strang.
"So even though the streak was extended, this loss wasn't as bad as the two that preceded it."

Granted, she's taking her cue from Scott Gordon who said it was a step in the right direction and told Rob Carlin they had to start somewhere. But still.

No matter what you may want to think about who is in net for the loss, the truth is, they're not losing by one goal. They're not scoring. Matt Moulson had to fight for his fifth goal of the season and that was all anyone could get.

Shots are going wide, they're soft, they're hitting sticks. They were credited with 29 shots on goal, 17 blocked and 7 missed. There were 25 hits and they won 57% of the face offs. Rob Schremp won 7 of the 9 he took. But even winning the face offs didn't help them this time.

More at if I ever get my Internet working properly again.

I've had Fios for less than a week. Last night the modem decided to freak out and refused to connect to the Internet. I was on the phone with a technician for over an hour and a half. Nothing would work. Interesting. Maybe the cable guy who was wandering around in my drive way today had something to do with it.

Happy Friday.

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Neil said...

Losing 3-1 is NOT as bad as losing 6-1, so that part is correct, but bot get zero points. Further, these are not elite level teams they've lost to either...I just can't figure out what happened to those players that looked so sharp the 1st 10 games - any ideas?