Monday, November 22, 2010

A Point & A Loss in Atlanta

Well, it was better. Or at least Jack Capuano feels it was better. But they didn't get rewarded for the extra effort. Post game thoughts here at

Howie's mishap on air yesterday cause a Twitter-storm of questions "Will Howie Get Botta'd?" Congratulations CB, you are now a verb. However, it would be smart if everyone remembered that veteran announcer Howie Rose is an employee of MSG not the NY Islanders.

Howie did offer up an apology on air, and rightly so, but really. It's not that big a deal.

Last night I was a guest on Sports Radio NY on WGBB AM. It would have been great if we had a win to discuss, but that wasn't the case. But we did have plenty as this week in Islanders Country was jampacked! Here's the link to last night's @icecreeps show also featuring @hockeyden, and paulies islander song!

I haven't listened to it yet. But hey! At least I didn't curse on air!

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JP in NJ said...

Hey, 7th -- Please use this version, which is slightly edited from the previous one I sent. Thanks. -- JP

Mottau's injury is a reminder of how dangerous a game hockey is, which is why, to my mind, it's downright irresponsible for an organization to have anything less than a complete commitment to winning and excellence, at every level, from the owner on down.

A player who goes out night after night, sacrificing the body, putting himself in harm's way to play the sport he loves, should at least be confident that the organization has his back and is doing everything it can to help him succeed.

I feel our current Islanders management is basically sending troops into battle without proper “equipment,” as far as supporting talent, coaching, training and organizational commitment.

It's one thing for baseball players to get stuck on a crummy team. It's quite another for hockey players, who could see their careers end on any night.