Monday, January 23, 2012 - Dee Karl - Isles @ Leafs Home Ice Advantage?

A few years ago I was told by the players and Scott Gordon that playing in Toronto was very tough for an opposing team. Well, tonight the Isles get to see their old head coach and his buddy Ron Wilson behind the bench in Toronto.

Scott knows how well the Isles first line plays, he'll be looking to shut it down every chance they get. The key to this game may be scoring opportunities for the second and third line. And would it really kill the hockey Gods for Nino Niederreiter to get a goal? Really? - Dee Karl - Isles @ Leafs Home Ice Advantage?

Let's go Isles!

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Ray said...

I agree. We need all the lines to be firing on all cylinders. Hopefully, the work of the first line is wearing off on everyone else.