Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jack Capuano: No Offense

And now for something completely different.

When I received an email from Isles PR guy David Hochman, I read it and laughed. I think you’ll laugh too -- in a very good way.

It seems that Coach Jack Capuano will be a guest star on Episode 1 of an Emmy award winning series’ second season premiere show which will air on Thursday, January 5th, on the NEW NBCSports channel which used to be Versus. Please notice I said “EMMY AWARD WINNING” -- Three as a matter of fact. Okay, are you ready for this?

The show is called Charlie Moore’s: No Offense. You may (if you have NESN) know Moore as “The Mad Fisherman.” Much like Zane Lamprey, Moore has a multitude of shows with basically the same premise: His humor and the great outdoors. (Actually, that's one of the titles too.)

The Fishing is where where it gets really weird. Yes, I’m going to tell you about a fishing show. Granted, I always felt that fishing shows are right up there with the Wide World of Poker - complete snooze fests for the Appalachian crowd.

But then I went to www.charliemoore.com and got the shock of my life. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, perhaps the shock of the week. This guy is a frustrated Bostonian stand-up comic who loves hockey and the Red Sox and Fishing around the globe. Let’s go back to that Emmy thing. Charlie Moore has been around for 14 years and this is no flash in the fry-pan fishing show. This guy has a huge cast of characters, a bank of devoted (although regional) advertisers, an impressive website and a message board.

Thursday night at 9 pm, (helps if I have the right calendar) he’ll also have our coach. It seems Jack is an avid fisherman. Of course he is. He’s from one of the most beautiful parts of our country. While Jack didn’t exactly fill out the entry form to have Charlie invade his privacy and hometown, these two New Englanders are sure to be funny as hell. I wonder if Jack brought his rubber teeth with him.

I think this will be the first time I’m actually going to WATCH a fishing show ON PURPOSE. In all honesty, I’m actually looking forward to it.

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TheMetalChick said...

Look like the show is on Thursday 1/05 @ 9:00PM (not Wednesday).
Thanks for talking about this- Im going to DVR it lol.