Friday, February 17, 2012

Blues Dominate in 5 - 1 Win

Well, that was "sickening" for more than just poor Evgeni Nabokov who was so sick, he couldn't even stay on the bench.  Here is the link to yesterday and last night's post with obvious snarky remarks during the game.  Ugh.

A very special thank you to @Kdoster and her wonderful husband who drove five hours to St. Louis and five hours BACK home yesterday just to see the Isles play this game.  They are true blue-white-&Orange fans.

According to accounts, the crowd in St. Louis didn't pick on them much for wearing their Isles gear, although her @MattyMarts17 jersey did attact a little attention at the end of the game.

Glad they got home safe.

Today is Wear Your Jersey to Work or School Day for Hockey Weekend Across America.  What one are you wearing?  I may wear my Team USA jersey or my 7thWoman jersey.  Can't decide... yet.

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