Friday, March 2, 2012

Isles Viewing Party Rocks While Team Fails

Even though the Isles have only earned a single point on this current road trip, the fans STILL came out last night to Buffalo Wild Wings in North Babylon to gather and support the blue, white and orange.

Of course they did.  That's what we do. 

I made my way there for a few reasons.  First, because I pass the place on my way home from work, so no excuse that it was out of my way.  Second, it was a good excuse to actually put my orange sneakers back on since I never have a chance to wear them (they were a big hit too.).  Lastly, because it's an opportunity to meet people I speak to on Twitter face to face and to make new friends.

It also turned into an opportunity to re-connect with old friends like Gary Harding from who was recently on a road trip of his own and caught Isles prospect Ryan Strome with the Niagra Ice Dogs. Look for his interview with Strome in the coming days.

I also met up with Ronnie Kind from the NYIBC.  You should check out the meetings and events the Booster Club has planned.  They not only offer fans an opportunity to meet and interview members of the team, but they also do some wonderful charity work.

Also in attendance was a contingent of "Patch People."  You know, those great micro-local news websites that feature information you can't get in the big papers.  LongIslandPatch wandered around the room chatting with fans by name using a new app.  These guys are always on the cutting edge of communication.  Check out their Twitter stream at @LongIslandpatch and look for your neighborhood Patch on line.  See what you're missing on your main street.

There was loud applause and cheering when Josh Bailey scored the first goal.  So what happened to the crowd when the game started to head south as Nabokov was beaten twice in record time?  They ordered more beer and played armchair GM with other fans.  All the while Ice Girls and Bud Girls called out raffle numbers handing out prizes and fans gulped down chicken wings.

Truthfully, if you have to watch the Isles get blown out by the Flyers 6 - 3, this was the way to do it.  Misery loves company, and this company LOVES the Isles.

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