Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Nystrom Award

Ugh! I HATE when there is nothing really going on in Islanders Country because they have too many days between games.

Sure, Art Staple wrote an article about Josh Bailey and how he has improved since being moved around, and yes they had practice today and Matt Moulson and PA Parenteau were both back on the ice. But other than that... I got nothing.

You can read a brief, like really brief, paragraph by Jesse D. Eisenberg at SkatesOnAPlane about last night's Hugo Boss event. Don't ask me details, there don't seem to be any. But if you want to see Kyle Okposo in a shirt and tie, check it out.

So lets look at something that has been around for a long time: The Bobby Nystrom Award. This award used to be given out by the Booster Club but has since become an ALL fan ballot. So, here's your chance. Vote for your candidate for the Bobby Nystrom Award

Michael Grabner will be the question for tomorrow's game against the NJD. The team has won without him so what will Jack do?

Twitter announced that Marty Brodeur will be playing the Isles tomorrow and while no announcment has been made, I'd say he's facing Evgeni Nabokov. The Devils beat the Rangers last night and it is reported they were "out for blood." That doesn't bode well for the Isles who beat them only by a 1 - 0 score.

If the Devils are still looking for blood after beating the Rangers, one false move on the Isles part will become a feeding frenzy. And all I can say is this...

Full.Moon.Thursday. Uh Oh.

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