Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We Need A Hero

Yep, We Need A Hero From James Darcy of Hempstead Town Council on Twitpic I should have written this yesterday when the Letter to the Editor from James Darcy of the Hempstead Town Council’s letter appeared in Newsday -- but I didn’t. I reached out to the Islanders to see if they had any response to Mr. Darcy’s allegations, but they were not available for comment yesterday. (The season may be over, but they’re not done working.) The Letter was also basically attacking the NHL and the Commissioner for not doing more to help the Islanders settle their arena dispute. If you’ve wondered if the NHL would respond to the suggestion the NHL “put their money where their mouth is.” the answer is No. The League does not respond to public letters printed in the newspaper even if they are penned by a council member. (I know. I checked.) “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” If you are old, you know the quote, but it rings true here. Mr. Darcy puts the blame squarely on Charles Wang’s shoulders while saying the TOH stood “ready to fast-track an application for a new and improved Nassau Coliseum…” and that the developer delayed filing a zoning application with the town. Here’s the thing… Now we’re going to sit back and watch it turn into a game of finger pointing. Meanwhile the clock ticks and there is no resolution in sight. So who is going to save the NY Islanders? Who will be the Hero in this long, drawn-out battle of ego chess? Well, it certainly won’t be the NHL. They have their own problems in Phoenix. They sure as hell don’t need a money-pit in Nassau County. Think again Mr. Darcy. This is a local issue. It needs a local solution. But sadly the solution seems to be just waiting until the calendar runs out. Oh, by the way… How’s that little asbestos problem you got going there? In Hockey News: The NJ Devils force a Game 7 against the Florida Panthers. They wouldn’t go down easy, not with Marty Brodeur in net. It’s amazing how these first round races have been. I hope the balance of the playoffs are just as exciting.

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