Saturday, May 5, 2012

Not Fair To Cody

**9:49 am Sunday Edit:  Okay, for NYI Fan Central, Yes, I mean Chris Botta.  However, I also mean Jeff Marek.  Happy now?  And yes... I'm a nice lady.  And I obviously don't do things to garner hits or pad my stats.  Hell, I'm also the only jerk who has not monetized my site because I just can't stand stupid freakin' ads popping up when I head to a website.

I have been having an issue with this for a few years now even though some of those I've had an issue with I actually like. That's SOME. Others -- not so much. But that's okay because those people don't like me very much either. And that's fine.

I've tried to discuss the situation calmly and professionally and have been able to do so with a few Hockey writers, but some are just bitter and mean. By now you're wondering what the freak am I talking about.

Well, I'm talking about the Islanders draft choice of Cody Rosen. It should be a non-issue, don't you think? Not a big deal. A later round pick, a good kid, but not a true hockey pedigree by all statistics. It was of no consequence. Unless you are the Canadian NHL media -- and maybe even a few from New York.

Using a draft pick on a prospect that will never see the big league is not something so completely unheard of that the Islanders should be questioned and chastised for the act. Years ago an NHL prospect who was found to have a heart issue and could no longer continue his career was chosen just to have the experience. Just last week, in the NFL draft, Eric LeGrand was drafted by the Bucs.

Okay, the drafting of Cody Rosen doesn't really come close to those other two if you think that Cody, doesn't have the same hardships as those two I just mentioned. But should he become someone who will find his name on the Internet called out all the time by NHL writers, bloggers and just plain angry people as the one who should not have been chosen??? Basically, every time you see Cody's name come up it's a question mark.


Why would the Isles chose him? You know because the 185th pick in the 7th round of the 2010 NHL draft was so coveted. What? How about this... Leave the kid alone. It doesn't matter why he was chosen. He's a good kid. I've spoken to him face to face. He really, really doesn't deserve this scrutiny or having his name come up in this way all the freakin' time.

And if I was his mother I'd say to these "journalists" and NHL pundits 'SHAME ON YOU!!' Shame on you for dragging this kid though the ringer so you can pontificate and insult. It's not fair and it really should stop.

It should stop NOW.


New York Islander Fan Central said...

Dee, I have no doubt you are a nice lady, but let's call a spade just that. Unless you put Botta's name to his grudge and agenda vs Snow by making Rosen a target once again because he would never pull that on Dolan's prospect or another team because their media would call him out, you are not doing anything but dancing around the issue.

Sorry, but you are right, it's not about being popular but getting it right.

You came up short.

Rob said...

Good post. You're bang on.

TheBard said...

Also Cody wasn't a complete unknown commodity. He was invited and took part in the Flyers Prospect Camp the year before he was drafted. Just google Rosen and Flyers.

TheBard said...

Plus it's not like Rosen was some complete unknown. He got an invite and took part in the Flyers prospect camp the year before the Islanders drafted him.

He's always been a project, but with Poulin/Nilsson/Koskinen at the AHL level, you would want a project. He'll probably get his chance to start for Clarkson next year with Karpowich and LaVeau both graduating.

7th Woman said...

Okay, NYIFan Central. I said it. Happy now? :o)

New York Islander Fan Central said...

I'll be happy when you put Botta's name in the title on all your sites and call him out every time you see his (or anyone's agenda) surface where it's not the same as any other team. This is more than once that Botta pulled this on Cody Rosen so if Jeff Marek copied it (and anyone knows Botta combined with Ranger die-hard Mike Sielski) on Lafontaine hit-job in WSJ which was a joke because his goal and features are all over Isles website and was included in a 2/22/12 video called 10,000 goals in forty years.

Let's see Botta call out Sather, or Lamoriello's long-shots on draft day or and see if those teams media's will not eat him alive.

Sorry, someone has to go there.

Dr. Generosity said...

Hey, we drafted Brett Henning in the final round one year; I don't know how many folks were eager to grab him. And one year, MM agreed to acquire the Bruins' last pick because they wanted to leave the draft floor. And don't forget how the 1978 draft ended. As a general rule, I don't like to see any player drafted for any reason other than his perceived ability, but the final round is a little different than the others. Some allowances can be made.