Friday, June 8, 2012

Stockpile of Assets to Help Search for Top 4 D

Last night, general manager Garth Snow held another private meeting with Season Ticket Holders (STHs). This is one of the perks of investing in the team: you get the face-to-face time and the honest, sincere answers to your questions.

As I had been there during one of these in April, Vinny Piccolo from was there last night. The guy who goes by @RoseTintedVisor on Twitter was also treated to a little face-time with Islander great Mike Bossy. (Lucky dog!) There is another one of these casual meetings tonight as well.

Here is Vinny's well documented and well written entry about last night's events.

I will say on a personal level, from a guy that for months has slammed the GM, this is a decidedly different tone. But then again, once you do actually get a chance to hear what he has to say first-hand, you can't help but understand.

The most important thing for most fans will be Garth's admission that the stock-pile of prospects they have accumulated over the past drafts will benefit him in the search for a top-four defenseman or other high quality player.

That always leads to the speculation of who will it be -- not in the "getting" department, but in the "leaving" department. Who would the Islanders be willing to part with in order to make the team better?

Will Garth trade that fourth pick along with a few names we've come to know and love for someone he feels will bring winning ways?

We'll see.

Sidenote: Top NHL prospect Ryan Murray was also here on the Island getting shown around before the draft. Murray is slated as a number two pick. From the photos I've seen -- I'll cross my fingers he's available at four. (Wow.)

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