Friday, September 7, 2012 - Isles Back on LI & Openface Quesadilla - Dee Karl - Isles Back on Long Island

Okay, so I wrote that late last night, and I'm not even sure if it is written in English.  I did have the outline of the keyboard on my cheek when my snoring woke myself up.

This whole CBA thing is really getting to me.  Between having to wait for the NHL & NHLPA to blink and having to listen to the two lying political parties that run our country, I am really, really missing having hockey to take my mind off things.

But I did have THIS:  That is a first attempt at a Lobster, Steak & Shrimp open faced Quesadilla on my Chambers stove griddle.  I added crisp turkey bacon and yellow grape tomatos along with cheddar and swiss cheese and drizzled it with home made mild garden salsa.  It was wonderful.

But I still miss hockey.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting looking dish. Lets Go Islanders!