Friday, September 28, 2012

New Friends & Helping Hands at LITweetup Helps

No, this is not a hockey post. But we’re getting a little closer to those with the Bridgeport Sound Tiger camp opening today. But let’s talk about something else. Something wonderful. LITweetup Helps held another one of their gatherings last night in Patchogue, at Artspace Patchogue Gallery. FINALLY -- one held in Suffolk County! That doesn’t mean I didn’t get lost trying to get there, but it was only a few miles from home.
Jeff Namnum always does a great job putting together the right people in the right place with the perfect agenda. Last night was no different. With the amazing artwork of Kathy Seff as the backdrop, this little group of social media enthusiasts collected food and donations for Island Harvest. Ms. Seff’s intriguing art made of glass graced the white walls of this wide open space, but I couldn’t help but notice all the little red avery labels on the wall as well. Those all said “SOLD” next to her pieces. The artistry and time she puts into these beautiful creations is well worth any price. Her work will be on display until October 14th at 20 Terry Street, Patchogue.
There was a long table filled with pastries, cakes and at least five different types of custom roasted coffee and teas from the fine folks at Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company at 41 East Main Street, Patchogue. Their custom green tea paired with Kathy’s lavender scones were a aromatic treat. Roast Coffee will be celebrating their second anniversary in November. Nice to see the small local business do well. It helps that the product is excellent and they are more than a coffee house offering live music on Tuesday and Friday nights. Check them out this weekend during National Coffee Day on September 29th. Fiction Novelist, Aaron Crocco arrived in his time machine and managed to not only make the TweetUp attendees “squee,” but also entice the passersby to donate money to Island Harvest. Who can resist a photo op of sitting in a classic Delorean? Who can resist helping the hungry right here on Long Island? And right now, there are more of them than ever before.
Real Estate journalist, Amanda Marsh graciously took up the task of delivering the haul food and funds to Island Harvest. Hopefully, this was the first of many successful events for LITweetUp Helps. The Holidays are right around the corner now. It’s time to give back while we are giving thanks.


Jeff said...

Thanks so much for the great post Dee!

Last night couldn't have happened without you generously giving your time & your great ideas for the Delorean photo shoot. It's always a good time when you're aroind .

Proud to know you hon (love the new hair).

Kathy Seff said...

It was great to meet you Dee, thanks for the wonderful write up!! I just reposted this now to my facebook page... a lil slow on the uptake I am!! hahahaa!