Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TOH Meeting Comes to an End

I've been sitting here on pins and needles kicking myself for not going. But I have some fires to put out at work and knowing that I'm already taking a day off this week, the difficult decision of skipping this very important event had to be made.

It did not mean that I am not 100% behind the project and those who are championing it. It just means my non-paid writer job had to take a back seat to my paying accounting job.

Kudos to those who attended such as Nick Classic. And one huge Thank You to Chris Botta and his trusty Blackberry who kept those of us who couldn't attend informed of the proceedings.

Here is the final from his blog:

1:10 pm - At the conclusion of today’s hearing, the D.G.E.I.S. (Draft Generic Environmental Impact Study) was delivered by the Lighthouse developers. I’m told the document is 1,800 pages.

Traditionally, after a scope is accepted - as it was today by the TOH board - developers take months before delivering a D.G.E.I.S. Charles Wang and Scott Rechler’s group produced it immediately.

Mind you, this is coming as no surprise as one representative told us on the 19th "What some may want to measure by pages on a calendar will actually be measured by the hands on a wrist watch."

I would have loved to have seen the looks on the faces of those sitting on the board when the 1800 page documents were handed over. Please tell me someone had their phone camera ready.

I'm really looking forward to Katrina's LightPost blog entry about this. Everyone involved worked very hard in giving progress a push. Let's hope it starts a snowball effect that ends with shovels in the ground.

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