Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lighthouse Meeting Countdown

It's Thursday, 3/26/09 and it's 4:22 pm. I'm breaking one of my own rules here. I'm writing a post during work hours. Forgive the typos, I'm rushing.

Last night as I was driving to the Coliseum for the game, I stopped on Hempstead Tpke and waited to see what the traffic situation was like at 5:45 pm on a work and game day. That photo is one of several I took. Please note there was no serious congestion. There was serious congestion outside of Hofstra University as their classes were being let out. That was the side street.

I drove up that street for about a mile to see what it was like during rush hour. It looked like every other street on Long Island. There were cars. But it wasn't the Oakdale Merge. (If you Nassau County-ites would like to see traffic, please venture east and south on Sunrise Hwy. I'll show you TRAFFIC.)

So as this is what it looked like at almost 6 pm with an Islanders game starting at 7 pm, can the questions about considerable traffic congestion from a complex of "office building" and residences along with the arena be lessened by going back to the 7:30 pm weekday start times?

Wouldn't the parkway and turnpike traffic be considerably LESS at that time? Wouldn't those residents living be less impacted by that?

Just a random thought as I think about what tonight's meeting will bring. I along with every other blogger known to hockeydom will be there. I will be the miserable one in the suit that is too small having a considerably bad hair day.

PS: Gary Bettman just said on his radio show that the best resolution for the Islanders is to get the Lighthouse Project DONE and not to discuss relocation.

See you at the meeting.


TheMetalChick said...

I fixed the setting, I believe it now links to my email! :D

Anonymous said...

My husband went to the meeting. Thursday is my night to work late unless I have a game. From what he said, it sounded like a come-to Jesus meeting (my words not his). He basically said he learned NOTHING new. At least nothing that he didn't already know. Really a big pep rally. They were already preaching to the choir. I don't feel like I missed much. I'm all for the project, just don't waste my time with the peripheral BS. When the TOH is ready to give an answer they will and all the pressure in the world is not going to change that fact. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

One thing that was NEW was the labor leaders, elected officials and veterans (three major blocks of voters) coming together and publicly crying out for the Lighthouse. I understand a complaint that there was no new news, but if the supporters don't show up for these things (if their schedules allow) then how do we show the world we won't stand for not having it?