Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meeting with Murray, Suozzi & Wang Scheduled?

Well? Is it? Remember the list of "demands" Ms. Murray gave County Executive Tom Suozzi to be included in the lease between Nassau and the Lighthouse developers? (Yeah, that little political battle that also seemed to create a heated difference of opinion in the blogosphere as well.)

There is an interesting editorial in Newsday which questions Murray's recent strategy and motives concerning the Lighthouse. My question is far more blunt.


There is too much time passing here without any word! Tom Suozzi wanted to meet and get it done. The lease was 99% finalized per the County. How long to finalize the remaining 1%? Is that going to be REAL time or Town of Hempstead time? How many weeks or months will it take to get past final negotiations? Because we no longer have 'years' available for decisions. Tick Tock!

I have heard of NO date for this meeting, have you? The only date that looms large is Sept. 22nd -- the date of the rezoning hearing. The next date of massive importance is Oct. 3rd. The date requested for "certainty." (Sort of like when American Idol asked Paula Abdul if she wanted to do another season with them, and she said, 'uh, let me think about that' and took so long they said, 'DAMN! We need another judge pronto! Call Ellen DeGeneres!') "Certainty" is not a dirty word, it's simply a request for a decision.

Did the Town meet with the County and the developers on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of this week? Are they meeting TODAY? How about tomorrow? How about rolling up their sleeves and working on the weekend? How about an answer?

Is there really a lack of cooperation within these two bodies of local government that has made growth in Nassau County relatively impossible?

Too many questions. Hey! Town of Hempstead, how about some ANSWERS? And how about one before I see you on Tuesday along with a lot of other very concerned Long Islanders.

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