Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rookie Camp: Impressing the Coach

Well, my day off didn't turn out quite as planned and it has taken me until almost 11 pm to get my interview article with Corey Syvret and Rhett Rakhshani written.

It's pathetic that those who weren't even there today had good articles up and running before I even had a chance to sit down and start working on my notes. But then again, what can I do about it.

So, it was a good day at the rink. Then again, any day at the rink is a good day. I also spoke with Scott Gordon but will save that until tomorrow, especially since I'm just too damn tired to start writing that one too.

So here are some photos from today and check the @NYIslanders Twitterfeed for their TwitVid with Rhett.

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