Thursday, November 25, 2010

Loss #14 - But Getting Better

Yeah, I know. It took me 24 hours to get this out into the world. But hey, I sometimes have a life. Not very often mind you, but occasionally.

Rather than coming straight home last night to write a new entry I went to see my husband's friend Eric (he's an Islander fan too) and his band Miss Alibi at the Garage in Bayport. I had not seen his band and they were actually very, very good. Got the crowd jumping.

Then is morning I had to bake for today and then the family came first as the Jersey contingent came for the Holiday. So I wrote part of the entry in the car and just finished it now -- 24 hours later.

Notes, Quotes and my very inadequate translation of Bruno Gervais's interview with me here at

And Note To Garth: with the possibility of Trent Hunter being out with some sort of lower body injury (yep, that's what we figured yesterday.) can I say two words? Darryl Bootland. Odessa Jackalopes. One of your ECHL teams and he's been here before. I'm just saying.

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