Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post Win Quotes

After sitting with my coffee and my netbook for an hour and a half, I have finally put all the quotes together from yesterday afternoon in a somewhat readable order -- I hope. Find them here at

Now,the NY Post had an interesting yet brief article and the surprising shut out of NJ Devils. Here is the reaction from John MacLean who very well may suffer the same fate as Scott Gordon.

"It bothers me, just the way we lost. I'm not going to disparage the Islanders," MacLean said. "It's totally disappointing. You would think we have guys who have been through this before and would pick it up."

Falling to the Islanders, whose losing streak ended one short of their franchise's expansion-year record, put the Devils firmly in their class, one point above the Isles, having played one more game.

It has to hurt to lose to a team on the brink of matching a 28-year futility record.

"Of course it does," Patrik Elias said.

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But as Ricky said, "It's just one win."

Happy Saturday hockey fans!

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