Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Thoughts For an Off Day

I've been completely out of it today. It started with my tour of Jury Duty, which I begrudgingly went to (like everyone else). After four hours of sitting in one place, we were mercifully relieved. In some ways it may have been interesting to serve on a jury. But considering what I do, can I really be relied on to judge only the facts presented? Um, hardly.

Fact: In a Twitter mention, @NYIslanders released the info that Bruno Gervais has a fractured cheekbone. That'll teach ya to drop the gloves Bruno.

Good News Dept.: Andy MacDonald is close to returning. YEAH! Not sure if he's just the good luck charm or if he means that much to the team, but it just has not been the same without him. No word if he will be available for Thursday against the Rangers as of yet. Not sure if Jack Hillen will be ready either, but I'm thinking that Capt'n Jack, I mean coach Jack may want to give Travis Hamonic a little taste of that Ranger Rivalry he's heard so much about.

Good Food Dept.: Tomorrow is the Meet & Eat with Rob Schremp and A-Mac at Social, the restaurant across from the Coliseum. I've heard so much about it from people who have been there and really, really enjoyed the food. What do they know? I used to own a restaurant. I'm no Chef Ramsey, but I certainly know my way around a commercial stove.

Besides, if the food is as good as I've heard, a gift certificate will be the perfect Christmas gift for my In-laws who live a stone's throw from there. Any time spent with funny-man Rob Schremp is well worth the price, so I'm pretty sure everyone attending will leave full and happy. If you couldn't make this event, Social should be having a few more of these Meet & Eat deals throughout the season.

Good Read Dept.: Books are always good holiday gifts, so don't forget that hockey fan on your list. There's Stan Fischler's "Who's Better?" which he was autographing after the game on Saturday at the Coliseum. And then for the stats junkie, hockey know-it-all in your family, how about Hockey Prospectus? Good value and good info.

For your non-hockey fan, Mom, Aunt, Grandmother or Niece, how about "Necessary Heartbreak"? A Novel of faith and forgiveness. And something that will be better received than a fruitcake.

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