Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wiz: Aftermath

6:40 am: Well, less than 24 hours later and the reviews on the Wiz trade are mixed. Some agree it was better to get "the going rate" for the 26-year-old than to watch him walk for nothing. Others are angry and playing out scenarios in their head as to why he was voted off the Island.

It's never easy. Now, while I wasn't given any real "insight" into the "why" of the trade, I was told (just as Wisniewski said to Art Staple in today's Newsday) there were no problems and no hard feelings. It all had to do with Andy MacDonald and Travis Hamonic being the best defensive pairing so far.

This reminds me a lot of when the Islanders traded Marc Andre Bergeron. Then too, reactions were mixed and everyone complained that there would be no one to quarterback the power play with that shot from the point that could break glass. Trouble was, that shot usually broke glass because it didn't hit the net very often. Take a good look at the Islanders power play stats. Okay then.

Sadly James Wisniewski's brief stay with the Islanders may be remembered more for his hand gesture than his shot on the power play. And while he may have lead the team in assists, he was still a -18. That's hockey.

Considering the 7 - 2 loss suffered at the Garden on Monday, I'm thinking it really doesn't matter who is in net today to face the Penguins. I'm sorry. I am not holding out too much hope for this game tonight. Not the way the Penguins have been playing on their road to the Winter Classic.

While the last match between the Islanders and Pens had to be decided by overtime, I'm not seeing tonight's game having to take more than 60 minutes -- perhaps even less. But it will be the last game at the Coliseum for quite awhile as the Islanders will play their next five on the road beginning in Detroit. While I don't expect them to win, I'd like to at least think they will have a respectable loss. Oh, and Jiggs MacDonald will be in town and on the road trip to cover for Howie Rose.

With the trade of Wisniewski, the chatter started regarding who could be next as well as who could be picked up. Tempers flared as fans tossed around the idea of picking up Brian Rolston off the waiver wire. While a competent veteran presence, Rolston's 2 years and $5 million salary make him less than desirable for so many teams.

My own temper flared when the thought of trading soon to be unrestricted free agent Matt Moulson hit the Twitter feed. Matt Moulson hasn't scored a goal since December 16th. He has 11 goals so far and 18 points, but is a -10. He also has a house with his still new bridge in Connecticut and a very comfortable relationship here on the Island. I can't think of any reason to trade away Matt Moulson. I don't know what anyone could offer that could replace everything he is to the Islander line-up. The Islanders will work hard at keeping Matt her for the long term. (And then I will finally get a new number for my necklace.)

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