Friday, January 7, 2011

Kevin Poulin to Start on Saturday

Well, he wasn't expecting to be in net on Thursday, so I suppose it was a gift from Jack Capuano to tell him NOW that he will be starting tomorrow in Colorado.

Rick DiPietro was sent home today to check out his tweaked adductor. Truth is, with no practice tomorrow and none on Sunday, was there really a reason to have him hanging around knowing he wouldn't be playing? Probably not. Get him home. Get him checked out. Get a final word on his ability to return to the line-up.

While the 8:24pm NYIslanders tweet was welcomed, there has been no information on Frans Nielsen. Just as losing Andy MacDonald was a huge hole that could not be filled, losing Nielsen has the same effect.

Jeremy Colliton has been called up from Bridgeport. Colliton must feel like a yo-yo. How many times has he been a call-up? Many. But at least he has some NHL experience in a sea of rookies.

A 3 pm game in an arena where the air is thin doesn't make me feel very confident.

I remember watching Jason Blake play in Colorado and not being able to catch his breath. When you're not used to that altitude, as silly as it sounds, it has an effect.

We'll see what happens.

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