Monday, January 31, 2011

Perception is Everything

Well, the All Star weekend is finally over and we can get back to the regular season which is quickly winding down.

Frightening. I know.

The Islanders have only 17 home games remaining this season and 16 away games. Only 17 more opportunities for the MSM to discuss the lack of attendance at the Coliseum. But hey, that's the potential of an additional 66 points on top of the 37 the Islanders currently have. Right.

With a lack of anything else going on this weekend other than the All Star game, let's take a look at that CBC Sports article that has the NHLPA poll saying that the Islanders are the least popular destination of NHLers.

While I understand they are reporting the findings as they are calculated, again, it's the perception. But let's do the math. There are over 700 members in the NHLPA. This survey was taken by 318 players which is approximately 45% of the total membership.

The NY Islanders were rated the least favorite club. Okay, you'd think that would be a huge majority, but it is 27% which is 86 players. The Edmonton Oilers came in at 20% for teh second least favorite place to play. That is a total of 64 players. The third least favorite place, Atlanta, was voted on by a whopping 7% of the survey members which is only 22 players. Hmmmm....

Sixteen players named the Leafs and 7 players named the Florida Panthers. That is a total of 195 players choosing the top five teams. Do the math. There were 123 other players who chose other teams.

So how valid is this poll or is it again, simply perception. Yes, the highest number of players chose the NY Islanders. But in actuality, 27% is not exactly a large portion. Also, there are other factors that could contribute to the choice. Had they ever PLAYED for the Islanders before or not? Are they older or younger players? Are they top talent or third liners?

Where are the qualifiers in the statistics? We are not aware of them.

So while the number may be high, it is a game of math. And another change where "perception is everything."

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