Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Garth Snow Proud of the Team, Konopka Miffed at Mario

Let's try to get back to hockey for today.

I managed to speak with Mr. Snow for a few minutes yesterday on the phone. Considering my emotional state, I really accomplished very little in my time with him, but you can find it here at hockeybuzz.com.

When I ended our conversation, he wished me a Happy Valentine's Day and I told him it was my Anniversary. Always taking my husband's side, he said Dan deserves a purple heart. I told him he deserved more than that.

Now, there is a second item I have on Hockeybuzz if you don't normally venture there. Here is the link to my entry regarding Penguin's announcer Paul Steigerwald who made some very unprofessional comments about the Islanders during Friday's broadcast. The entry created quite a stir. But I said what I felt as I was not able to get to Mr. Steigerfeld directly.

See you later as the Isles face the Ottawa Senators with I believe -- an appearance by Jiggs McDonald!

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M. Louise M. said...

didn't listen to the pens broadcast..and I refused to listen now. I'll take many's word on it. For all the bad crap the islanders get in the media, players, broadcasters..It angers, upsets me that so far, YOU are the only one in the "media" to call him out. Thank you.