Thursday, March 24, 2011

Isles vs. Atlanta 3/24/11

Okay, that was fun as all hell! Thanks so much to the IceCreeps Crew for asking me to come on their HockeyTalkLive show. You can hear the podcast at

Oh, and just a side note, there is a rift in the Universe as @Dani3boyz wore her hair down for a change and I wore my hair up and we both wore skirts. Truly a sign of the Apocalypse.

And now for Hockey.

Welcome back Rob Schremp. I hear the Atlanta media is making a big deal about you. That's nice. Enjoy it. You deserve a little attention.

Well, the Thrashers managed to get on the board first with a goal by Ladd at 7:56 of the first. Grabner then had a few chances and Matt Martin had two. I am not worried. It's early

The Isles are awarded the first power play of the game and it seems the Thrashers got more shots on their PP than the Isles did.

Montoya has been making some good saves, but the rebounds will kill him if he's alone for too long. Also, it's getting a little physical. Stuart knocked down Amac at teh blue line and Big Buff took Bailey down on the right cirlce with a clean hit before the puck was misdirected into the netting. Matt Martin decided to have a little chat with him while they skated off to clean the ice

Back from the break, with only 4 shots on goal to the Thrashers 16, John Tavares evens the score 5" from the Thrashers net. He gets those odd angle goals all the time, and he'll take them.

Rob Schremp ain't getting any love on ice from his ex-team mates as Matt Martin has pushed him around a little and Konopka had to hold him by the ack of his jersey during an in net scrum.

Konopka also almost scored on Montoya himself when he bowled under Little and landed at Al's feet.

Grabner had another spectacular break out chance -- and didn't score. So close.

The shots on goal are still terribly uneven 22 - 6, but the Islanders are winning 50% of the face offs.

I am the only one here that keeps losing the internet. I think it's because I called them the #EvilDolanEmpire to @SteveHaweeli.

Okay, I didn't even know they were on the PK with Matt Moulson in the box, that's how good the PK was. But when Radek Martinek was called for holding, a bogus call I may add, that is when Rob Schremp did exactly what I expected him to do and scored on Montoya to give the Thrashers the go ahead PP goal.

The Isles only have 7 shots on net with 1:30 left in the second. Not even a fight by Michael Haley has been able to spur them on. $5 says they come out on all cylinders in the third. Jack will not let this game slip away, that's for sure.

They need to win six of these last eight in order to make it to .500. Considering how the season started, they will want that badly

Well, the Isles were given a power play when Little was called for high sticking, but they couldn't manage anything on it. With only seven seconds left, Jurcina is called for hooking on Kane and the Isles PK is back to work.

The Isles had their tenth shot on goal during the PK while the Thrashers have 29. Atlanta calls a time out. Guess they want to re-think their strategy of getting so many shots on Montoya

Jurcina thought he scored and the section behind the net stood up and cheered, but the ref waived it off immediately. Isles will be on the power play with Antropov in the box for something or other. MSG cut off the video replay. Oh, it was for tripping at 8:11. Thank you radio dude announcer whose name escapes me at the moment because I'm having a brainfart.

It is painfully evident that our power play is powerless while the PK is excellent. (Unless there is a five on three situation, then all bets are off.)

So badly outshot 5:45 left of the third and the Isles have only 12 shots. TWELVE? Pee Wee teams can manage 12 shots.

Al Montoya came out of his net so far, I thought it was Ricky -- and I had palpitations. DON'T DO THAT TO ME!

Oh look! Now they have 14 shots! with almost two minutes left. Big Buff actually kicks Hillen's stick away from him for a few seconds behind Montoya's net. He never does retrieve it.

With one minute left, Montoya leaves the crease for teh extra attacker.
With an empty net, Michael Grabner almost ties the game, but the puck hit the post as it slid across the red line of teh crease. The Isles get a power play with 32.8 seconds remaining and Jack calls a time out.

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