Friday, March 18, 2011

Rick's Return?

Updated: 11:23 am: It's Al Montoya tonight.

8 am: He's been out of the line-up since 2/11/11, but now off IR Rick's return is imminent. Could it be tonight against the Thrashers? Is he ready?

Carolina has won the last two meetings with the Islanders with Rick in net. Hmmm... Maybe Cappy will hold off Rick until Saturday's game against the Panthers. Oh, wait. They've lost two of three to them too.

Well, we'll just have to wait for Coach Jack to let us know his decision.

Here is a look at Rick's mask that he has been wearing to protect his broken cheekbone. Considering I just saw him in the hallway the last game at the barn, his face looks great. No sign of injury. I'm not too sure we can say that about his confidence. But as he told Dyan in her piece about his return, there's no point in sitting around if he's been cleared to play. It's a long off-season.

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