Monday, March 28, 2011

Vanilla Fudge Shouldn't say Farewell!

So here is one of my concert posts mixed in with the hockey. But this one I have to write, although because it's Monday morning, quickly.

On Friday night we went to the Boulton Center in Bay Shore (my favorite local music hall) to see legendary band Vanilla Fudge. Okay, stop laughing. Yeah, I know. When we bought the tickets months ago, we did it while enjoying an evening home (with cocktails) in front of the computer. We thought it would be fun. It wasn't.

It was AMAZING. Truly, truly, amazing.

I was nervous sitting in the front row with a speaker in my face. I thought for sure that ringing in my ears that I get after concerts would probably now be replaced by deafness. But it seems the guys must realize their audience is all of the "senior" persuasion and the actual sound level was perfect.

Mark Stein's church organ and leslie speakers brought back so many memories of Sunday mornings spent polishing my brother's Hammond CV3 and ironing his ruffled stage shirts for my $5 a week allowance.

While the band's big break may have come on the Ed Sullivan Show, they haven't lost a beat in over 40 years. Mar Stein's voice is pitch-perfect and the same as the original LP that spun on my turntable, sand the scratches.

Carmine Appice (whose name was drilled into my head by my band-bum brother for years) put on a show worthy of a 25-year-old drummer and not one enjoying the Senior Early Bird Specials. Certainly the hair is dyed black along with the red streaks and the eye-liner surprised me, but what a showman!

Vince Martell on lead guitar was the biggest surprise for me. Who knew he was a master at the electric guitar? Okay, some people, but certainly not me. I literally sat in the front row in awe. Almost the same awe I had when I saw Mato Nanji for the first time.

All I can say about this throw back band from the 60s is their sound is uniquely their own and has stood the test of time. So have they.

This was listed as their farewell tour, but tonight they will be on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, so check them out and see if they haven't maintained that sound that belongs only to them.

Thanks to Dan and his Droid phone that takes amazing photos and to Vince Martell for handing over a guitar pick to the big angry man in the front row who somehow didn't have one in his pocket to trade.

(okay, maybe I should go to music reviews since this one took me all of ten minutes and hockey reports take me two hours. hmmmmmm)


maria said...

Yes, I agree that Vanilla Fudge Shouldn't say Farewell!! I saw them last night (3/27) at Sellersville, PA. They were awesome. I totally agree with all of your comments. Their voices, their playing, their sound even the projection on the screen behind them was FABULOUS!!! I was so happy I didn't miss this concert! I even got their autograph! Let's hope they don't mean farewell! I think they have done that before. ;)

kenoliver said...

I've been a fan of Vanilla Fudge for over 40 years now !!! I love how they mix Psychadelic and Blues !!! I hope they keep touring and release new music.