Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tommy's First Pair of Skates

For all the hockey players and hockey parents out there, you will just fall in love with this song and video that will touch your heart and as my friend Coach Chic says "puddle."

Head over to his website and watch "Tommy's First Pair of Skates" and see if I'm not right.

While you're there you can also check out his other valuable information on his site.

Now, as far as the Islanders go -- Today is the vote for the vote and according to Newsday, it should pass as the Republicans outnumber the Democrats. I never take anything for granted. When we hear what actually happened, then I'll believe it.

Also, even if the people DO vote in favor of the referrendum, the County Legislature has t have a "supermajority" in order to actually pass the bonding issue.

There is a long road ahead.

On HockeyBuzz.com yesterday I wrote about Casey Cizakas and Josh Bailey and Michael Haley on FAN590 Toronto radio. Maybe today the podcast will be up and I can link it.


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Meg said...

Happy to hear you at least got the referendum. It's a step forward!