Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More than just The Islanders

Here is the video from the Ed Mangano "celebratory" post vote.
Hear what he has to say and then read what the Colony Diner owner has to say.

You may or may not see more of these articles in the coming weeks by various outlets.  This one comes via a site.  (You know, that thing that all of a sudden we can't live without because now we find out more about our own towns than we would if we sat in Starbucks all day long chatting up the local Barrista. Yeah, that.)

The story of the Colony Diner owner is one that can be repeated up and down Hempstead Turnpike and down the side streets of Uniondale and the surrounding area.  The Coliseum business BRINGS business.  It is GOOD for the local economy.  Without it, the entire area will suffer.

These are small business people trying to scratch out a living in one of the most expensive areas in the country.  In David Reich-Hale's story of George Strifas, owner of the colony diner, he talks of being a Nassau resident who will be asked to pay an additional estimated $40 a year in his taxes in order to get the $400 million referendum passed.  His answer?  "Come on man. I went to Carvel the other night and it cost us $18."

Let's go on the high side of the estimate.  Let's hit a proposed $56 yearly tax hike for property owners.  That's $4.66 per month or $1.07 a week the county is asking property owners to pay in order to keep the Coliseum and it's main tenant, the NY Islanders on Long Island.

That $56 per year will mean that you will NOT have to pay to see a concert at Madison Square Garden where it will cost more than that in gas or trains just to get there.  Personally, I dislike MSG so much, I actually have gone all the way to Boston to see a show rather than see it in Manhattan.  It was just as much to drive to Boston and spend a night in a hotel than to pay for tickets at MSG and the cost of getting there.

This is not just about being an Islander fan.  This is about a local economy that is already struggling that will see a significant downturn if this is not completed.

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Anonymous said...

A very good point Dee. The reality is that if say the tax increase is $48 per year I believe this come to a mere 13cents a day. The long term benefits outweigh the tax increase. This is an absolute no brainer to vote yes as a nassau resident in favor of a new world class state of the art arena for the benefit of long islanders. would you please keep us all posted on any rallies or events that will be occuring so we can show our support. An excellent article as always
-patrick A.K.A sign guy