Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Too much Islander News for One Day

Who said a Wednesday in late June would be boring when it comes to Hockey? Ugh.
There was an 11 am Ed Mangano/Charles Wang press conference at the Coliseum that I couldn’t attend. However, because Twitter is my friend, I was kept in the loop by @BellmorePatch and @NYISlanders and their live blog.

Also at 11 am, Newsday’s Art Staple hosted an Islanders Live Chat while Ms. Katie Strang was busy with NHL Draft travels and duties. Then (of course) there are the NHL Awards tonight at 7 pm from Las Vegas and there is also a live blog by @SkatesOnAPlane writer Jesse D Eisenberg who has the pleasure of accompanying @Grabs40 to the Awards show.

Continued at here.

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