Thursday, July 21, 2011

Before the Endorsement (Really?) A Different Spin

This morning, Newsday finally got around to publishing the findings of Steve Antonio, acting director of the independent Office of Legislative Budget Review saying taxpayers could be paying only $13.80 a year to repay the bond debt. You know, that $13.80 a year number that has been floating around the net for the last two days.

A few of the arena supporters were wondering if maybe all our chatter made Newsday change it's tune. Or maybe they just couldn't ignore the other agencies and groups, such as the labor unions, who are throwing their support behind Ed Mangano's plan.

The truth of the property tax hike is as Deputy County Executive Tim Sullivan is quoted in the "New Estimate on Taxes" article; the revenue will go into the general fund and will be allocated as the county needs. Right, well the trick is the revenue sharing dollars have to be put towards the property tax fund to get to that $13.80 a year estimate. But the County Executive has the right to use the money any way he wishes. Therefore if it is not used to reduce the tax burden, that is NOT Charles Wang’s fault or problem.

The article also mentioned the report by Camoin Associates, hired by the county, that projected Nassau County stands to lose $104 million annual should the Islanders move and the Coliseum close. So if the Islanders leave the County, that too will also not be Charles Wang's fault.

Check in on Newsday reporter Randi Marshal on June 27th for a Noon Live chat about all things Isles Arena. Just don't ask any hockey questions, okay? Then if you can get out of work early, head over to the rally and free concert by Blue Oyster Cult at the Coliseum.

Also look for a new Vote Yes commercial starring HBO star & Matt Moulson good buddy, Kevin Connolly.

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Anonymous said...

We need to stop nay saying and move forward with this project! I really do think its the right way to go. If you look at their site they have sooooo much info!!!

Plus do you know what happens if the Islanders leave? I do