Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blue & White Scrimmage Draws the Faithful

Hockey in July drew the most faithful of Islanders fans and not just for the air conditioning in the Coliseum. When I arrived in the parking lot, I could see the familiar blue tent of the crowd from Islander Mania message board. Yep, once again Dominick was running the grill, @IslesChick Lisa was playing hostess and the blenders were whirring. In every direction, the conversation surrounded the Islanders. After all, this group came together because of one thing in common: The Islanders.

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I hope you picked up your VOTE YES gear last night. Garth Snow addressed the crowd. Due to the importance, he read from a prepared statement on the ice. The issue was the August 1st vote and how necessary it is to make sure that Islander fans get the word out to their friends and neighbors who are eligible to vote on August 1st on the referendum to get out there and do so.

More later tonight.

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