Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Isles Rally & Rock The Referendum Contest

Here's a really cool idea to help get the voters out to the polls. Joe Conte (every bloggers friend) an associate of Gotham Government Relations & Communications and four highly prominent bloggers have teamed up to offer YOU, the fans with Nassau County voters in your grasp, a contest. You get voters to vote, you're in the running for a very cool grand prize. No, like a REALLY cool prize.
Ever watched a game in a luxury suite? Right. Check it out here and enter quickly. Deadline for entry is 6 pm on Friday!

Okay, onto the Isles Vote YES! Rally and the free Blue Oyster Cult concert. They.Still.Rock!


There were a lot of comments about the turn out for today's rally. Yes, it was union laden. They are the ones that will drive this vote. They are the ones that stand to gain in a monetary fashion. But the most devoted of fans were there and there were some people arriving later from work in their suits and ties braving the heat.

Yes, the timing could have been better, but it is what it is and we are running out of time. The restaurant supporters were there in full force along with the unions. You guys missed the Hooters girls.

The crowd was very supportive of Charles Wang and Garth Snow when the spoke but John Durso, President of the Long Island Federation of Labor, received the loudest cheers (and used most expletives).

Inside the box office area, the media was offered time to talk to all the speakers. It was informal. VERY informal. In other words it was a free-for-all that required a much better recorder than I own. (Putting that on my birthday wish list.)

I find it intersting that Charles Wang looks almost energized by all the buzz. You would think he would be dog tired of having to repeat himself over and over again, yet he spoke calmly and clearly for every camera and reporter with a microphone. This has been going on for months and will continue until Monday at 9 pm when the polls close.

Speaking of polls, I asked Mr. Mangano what he thought about the idea that many voters not knowing where they should vote. He told me that the voter registration cards have been put in the mail and he has already received his. Post cards will help with those who don't know where to vote, however, it won't help with those that refuse to register to vote because they are afraid they will be called for Jury Duty. (You weenies! BUCK UP!) Fellow Blog Boxer Michael Hirschbein did an indepth interview with Mr. Mangano, so we'll be looking for that one.

I also spoke with Michael Picker to get a better understanding of the $14 million a year minimum payment the Islanders would be making to the county. The 11.5% of revenue is all revenue except the TV deal and any NHL funds that may (ha ha) at some point come their way. I was surprised to find out that meant the merchandise also. (Do the Nassau Dems know how much STUFF we Isles fans BUY???)

Katie Strang spent much of her time concentrating on the hockey end of things. I'd like to thank her. Someone has to keep their eye on hockey and with the likes of Rick DiPietro, Matt Moulson and Ty Wishart there today, hockey was to be discussed. (It seems Ms. Strang broached the "Yashin" return subject. I'm glad I didn't hear it.)

I recognized some familiar faces in the crowd. Eden Laikin, ex-Newsday reporter now County of Nassau employee was there as was Nick Giglia wearng his "More Cowbell" shirt. Chris Botta was even there with an cameraman doing interviews with attendees.

I stuck to the task at hand: The Vote on 8/1. Here is an incredibly crappy video that I shot in the parking lot right before I left. I suggest you look away and just listen. Since I didn't think I would post it, the lense was mostly pointed at the pavement. But then again -- that seemed fitting if the vote doesn't pass.

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