Friday, July 8, 2011

Matt Martin Team Store Signing

Yep the line was long. I saw many familiar faces waiting patiently for the 6:30 pm start. Even one face that I recognized but couldn't place. It was the smiling face of the first person I see every night I step out of the elevator on the executive suite level. Without the uniform, I couldn't place him. He was there with his grandson waiting to meet Matt and smiling at all the "Vote Yes" t-shirts he saw in the crowd. Like these guys.
These die hard fans and Nassau residents were helping to spread the word on their own. Also on the line was another family very familiar with what the Coliseum and the Islanders have to offer them. Samantha and Jesse aren't just Islander fans, Jesse is an aspiring Hockey player who competed against international teams in the recent Lighthouse Tournament. Jesse is as a center, his parents are Nassau residents who will b e voting Yes on August 1st.

And where were the girls I had met the last team store signing? The ones that PROMISED me a Matt-Mas song for today? Well there were right there on the floor enjoying themselves while the crowd gathered.

Too shy to sing it for me, they handed me the paper with the words and giggled. They did a good job on it so I told them I would print it on the website which made them squeal. I did something better.

I went inside and found Matt getting situated at the table and figured I could steal two minutes for this quick video asking him how he felt about these sort of fan signings. His answers were what I expected of a fan favorite from every club he has played for.

How can you not just love a kid who is ranked fourth in the NHL with 299 hits, 147 PIMs and 13 fighting majors? Oh, and did I mention he can score? He may have been able to tally only five goals last season with the Islanders, but he has been known to earn 25 and 35 goals in the OHL. He's also earned the Islanders hard-hat from his team mates which is a great vote of confidence for the 21-year-old winger.

Matt was careful to make sure he spelled every one's name correctly that asked him to personalize his autograph.

I waited until songwriters Jen, Allie and their posse made their way to the table. Then with all my motherly skill, I embarrassed the hell out of them.

"Hey Matt. They wrote you a song. It's the MattMas song."

His smile became even wider when he asked them to sing it for him, but they wouldn't do it. They asked me to show him the words, so I handed him the paper which is torn at the top.

As he was reading it, the girls fidgeted. Matt smiled up at them and complimented them on their research word. Hmmmm, budding journalists perhaps? But here is their song that made Martin smile from ear-to-ear.

The Twelve Days of MattMas

On the 1st day of Mattmas, Matt Martin gave to me; one tough guy scare on his chin.
On the 2nd day of Mattmas, Matt Martin gave to me; a 2 goal game against Philly.
On the 3rd day of Mattmas, Matt Martin gave to me; 3 years with our New York team.
On the 4th day of Mattmas, Matt Martin gave to me; 4 game suspensions for punching out Maxie!
On the 5th day of Mattmas, Matt Martin gave to me; the 5th round pick.
On the 6th day of Mattmas, Matt Martin gave to me; 6 Lil Wayne songs.
On the 7th day of Mattmas, Matt Martin gave to me; 7 months of hockey.
On the 8th day of Mattmas, Matt Martin gave to me; 8 fights.
On the 9th day of Mattmas, Matt Martin gave to me; 9 face-off spots.
On the 10th day of Mattmas, Matt Martin gave to me; 10 days of winning.
On the 11th day of Mattmas, Matt Martin gave to me; 11 fights in one game.
On the 12th day of Mattmas, Matt Martin gave to me; 12 goals last season.

They probably didn't want to sing it because it would have taken them until the time the signing was over to finish.

Like everyone else who came to the Team Store last night, the Merry Mattmas group left happy with their score of autographs

I left with another item on my wish list from the store. Hey, honey. Did you see this Patriotic Islanders Tee? Cool right?

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Taupe NY said...

such a an adorable and cool song!

Matt Martin is my newest athlete crush ;)