Thursday, August 4, 2011

Matt Moulson Double Shot

It was a busy day for Matt Moulson. They're all busy days, one way or another. But yesterday it was one spent making a lot of fans happy.

Moulson's fan-inspired design Tee shirt hit the Team Store yesterday and all that pre-ordered the shirt were guaranteed an autograph and a place in the front of the line. And what a line it was.

Due to a change in kiosk placement at the Massapequa mall, the line had to snake around in a much smaller space. Think the line for Space Mountain at Disney in July. Yep. That's about it.

I knew it would be packed since Matt Moulson is really one of the most beloved young stars on the Islanders. He knew it would be packed too, so in order to make sure that he had enough time to get from one public appearance to the other, he got to the mall early; really early.

When I arrived at 6:22, he had already been seeing fans for almost an hour. He had to. Moulson is not the type of player that just signs an autograph, smiles kindly at you and looks to move the line along. No, he engages each fan in conversation and never says no to a photo op. Nothing like making Ann Rina, one of the hardest working staffers I know, work a little harder to make sure the line moved along and the time table was kept.
Even my favorite fans had already been in the store, had Matt sign for them, and gone to get something to eat by the time I got there. But thanks to the power of Twitter. I caught up with them showing off their new Got Moulson shirts.
They were very happy and loved the way Moulson told them "Thank you for coming out" when it was they who wanted to thank him for being so generous with his time.

Basically, every fan I spoke with had the same thing to say "He's such a great guy." And that he is. The fact that he is one of the Isles top goal scorers brought out many of the fans. The fact that he is so personable and scores goals brought out the rest of them.
And while they were there, they took advantage of the Summer sales. The perfect item for back-to-school? The Islanders lunchbox. Every little fan should have one. Okay, I'll admit it, I have one too. So you don't have to be THAT little.

Also at store were the new Tattoo Lou design Tees. They were like me -- Unique! They're colorful and striking. Definitely a conversation starter.

This was my favorite moment of the brief time I spent there at the Team Store. A family with four children wanted a photo with Matt, while the boys crowded around him, the mother handed him the baby to hold. "Oh, my wife's going to love this one." he told her. I couldn't help but snap the photo too. It's just precious.
Goals are easy, parenting is hard.

Next up, the awesome time and food at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Carle Place.

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