Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Oh Rob!!" What's the Deal?

Oh boy, is it ever AUGUST.  When there is a Twitter buzz over Rob Schremp leaving the NHL and heading to Sweden, you know things are really slow in the hockey universe. Yes, Rob Schremp signing with MODO of the Swedish Elilte League was big news yesterday.

While I really didn't pay attention to the news yesterday morning, I started to think about it THIS morning.

Why DIDN'T Atlanta Winnepeg present Schremp with a qualifying offer? Was it strictly his numbers? (In five seasons and 114 career NHL games, Rob has 20 goals, 34 assists and has a minus- 23 rating. That's like Brendan Witt numbers.)

Granted the Edmonton first round draft pick has been a bit of a disappointment on the score sheet. But he does offer the fans a little fun. Schremp is always high energy, always moving and often difficult to keep on track during interviews.

Another defector from the NHL for MODO was Phoenix Coyotes assistant coach Ulf Samuelsson. But didn't that one make sense? Also, Hockey great Peter Forsberg took a position in the MODO front office after (finally) retiring from the NHL.

Well, because I personally really liked Rob as a person, I wish him well in his new league in Sweden. (At least he should fare better there than in Russia.)

But it's August and I've got NOTHING!

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