Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Okay, since I changed cars in January, I have felt totally out of sorts.  As if something was missing. 

There was:  My custom plates.  My car seemed just not mine without them. 

See, my plates were a birthday gift from the Big Angry Man a few years ago.  But being a gift, I never realized they were actually registered in HIS name.  When I went to change vehicles, I expressly said to the dealer the plates needed to be transferred to the new car.  They  never looked into the fact that they didn't actually belong to me.  Long story short -- the dealer blew it, slapped new plates on the car and told me I had to take care of it myself.

I had the plates put in storage, since I had already paid almost $280 to register them for another two years, and proceeded to try to fill out paperwork to have them transferred. 

Well, it seems that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand at the DMV needs in order to make such a minor adjustment as to transfer a set of plates from husband to wife at the same address with the same last name with the same insurance and it has taken me from April until YESTERDAY to get them back.

A lesser fan may have thrown in the towel, taken the refund and lived with the nondescript fugly new NY State plates.  Not this one.  No sirree, I am not backing off from my fandom just because the State can't figure out their own paperwork.  Nor could they figure out how much the transfer fee was. 

"Send $19 to this address."
"No, Send $28 to THIS address."
"I'm sorry, it's a $39 fee to transfer.  We'll have to send back your check and you'll need to start over."

Oh yeah, it's been choice.  I've been to the Hauppauge DMV THREE times.  If they weren't prepared to hand over those plates yesterday, I was prepared to jump the counter go in the back and get them myself.  Luckily I didn't have to.

Okay, the season can start now.  I'm back to normal.

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