Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exploring the Fan Experience

The blog world is truly a community and as such we are nothing unless we are connected by helping each other. As such, I generally get a new request for link exchange about once a week. Many of which I just don’t feel works for me. But yesterday I received information about a website that I really think is interesting.

Just as I really like that tells you all about a venue before you get there, I really like this new website Their motto "Learn All About the Seats, Before you Buy your NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL Tickets."

It’s a simple concept. Look for the seats you’re planning on buying and check out what other people have to say about them. But what I really like about it is -- you can leave your feedback about seats you use. Think of it as sort of a Fan to Fan dialogue about your arena experience.

And it’s easy as anything. I left a little comment about my seats in Section 211, right on the aisle. So many great memories there and so many reasons why we loved them. The view of the ice, the proximity to amenities, and easy egress.
Check out the site and see. These are the instructions:

To leave feedback or find out more about the seats you are interested in, simply click on 'Find Your Seat' on the left. FromThisSeat allows sports fans to leave comments about the seats they had at the game by dissecting every section of every NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB Stadium. In return, other fans now have perspectives to help them decide which tickets to purchase for the big game. Every sports venue has different dimensions and you deserve to know what those are before spending your hard-earned money on tickets. Share all of your experiences from NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB games you have attended with us today. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

If you’ve got your own story to tell about seats you’ve used, tell it. Then you can relive the experience all over again.

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