Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthdays Are In Order

Coincidence or by design, the NY Islanders "face of the franchise" turns 21 today. Yes, time is passing and young John Tavares is finally of legal age and can go anywhere without parental supervision or having to ask Doug Weight for permission.

Is it interesting that yesterday was the old "face of the franchise's" birthday? Rick DiPietro turned 30 yesterday without any fanfare and according to Michael Grabner, not much distraction from practice. @Grabs40 announced he had to find out on Twitter that it was 39's birthday.

Seems a bit unusual since years ago, RDP had been photographed getting pied for his birthday during training camp. Where's Shakey?

But things are different for the 30-year-old netminder looking to prove himself at training camp. Listen to the latest video taken on the second day of Jack Capuano's grueling training camp. This is a much more mature Rick DiPietro.

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Anonymous said...

If Rick hadn't screwed around and worked out properly and rested his injuries instead of forcing it, things could be different for him. He did this to himself. Look at that beard, he looks like a hobo. Hiding something, Ricky? Guy is trying to scrape together his last shreds of pride, but he knows his time has passed and has changed his look because he knows he's not the same.