Friday, September 2, 2011

Jack Capuano: Training Camp Challenges & Excitement

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending a good 15 minutes with New York Islanders head coach, Jack Capuano. I still find that a little hard to believe as I type out his "official" title.

Last season he was thrust into the job of head coach and given an "interim" tag. This season his only tag will be Coach. Last season I didn't spend any time developing a rapport with Jack. Frankly, he scared me. Not any more.

Jack was very accommodating yesterday and was even savvy enough to speak louder into my little recorder every time the noise in IceWorks hit new highs. He was thoughtful and articulate and somehow managed to lead ME into my own questions exactly in the order I had written them down.

The interview is in two parts as we covered a lot of ground and I did not edit what he said. I wanted you to read each word so as not to give you my own interpretation.

So, part one is here at where we covered returning injured players Streit, Mattau & Eaton, new strength and conditioning coach and starting over with a new staff in Bridgeport.

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