Saturday, October 1, 2011

Isles vs. The Bruins in Bridgeport

Well, I made good use of sitting in the Dentist waiting room for a half hour. And again, I'd like to thank Art Staple from Newsday for having the line-up posted on Newsday before it's anywhere else.

I'd also like to thank Verizon for not shutting off internet from my phone that they so desperately want me to replace. (Tomorrow guys. tomorrow)

Okay then. The A squad featuring the Isles top line of JT, Moulson and PA will be on the ice tonight. It's a great venue and I would urge everyone to attend. And if someone can take my place at the wedding I have to go to, please let me know.

My thoughts on tonight's game here at

And guys... guess what... WE MADE IT!!! IT'S HOCKTOBER!

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