Thursday, October 6, 2011

Leading by Example

While I see you're having a good time discussing the goal song selection, I still need to discuss the other news of the day which was the selection of "A"s and other junk. If you would like to go back to the comments thread on the other post, click here.

But before you do, let's chat.

First, I personally think Belmont in Elmont may as well be Mars for the Islanders. The proposal didn't mention WHO would pay for a new arena because it sure as hell isn't Charles Wang.

Secondly, the Islanders announced their selection of alternate captains today. In a bold move, they named four, two for the road and two for home games. Two veteran players that are new to the dressing room and two youngsters that will be a big part of the Isles organization for a long time.

When interviewed today by ITV Steve Staios and John Tavares both said they would lead by example. All four said it was a great honor, but Staios said he knows it's easy when things are going good, it's the tough days - which all teams go through - which will be the real test.

Brian Rolston knows they' look to him for sage advice, being one of the older guys in the room. But he said while many of the players in the room are young in years, they are mature and know what it takes to play 82 games.

Rolston also said he was "super happy" for ex-NJ Devil Jay Pandolfo getting a chance to extend his career. "He's not just a good hockey player, he's a great human being."

Tavares met the questions with the same quiet poise that he has always had since he arrived on the island. "The trust of the coaches is a huge honor." But he let on that he is far more vocal in the room now than he was his first year.

Kyle Okposo said he'd be watching both games on Versus tonight and trying to quell those jitters that all players have before opening day. Tavares said the home opener is like Christmas for them and Staios said if a player doesn't have a certain amount of jitters, he probably shouldn't be playing.

The choices Jack Capuano made were based on many factors, but none so important as "character."

When it came to giving Brian Rolston the "A", he said "Character means everything and he's going to fit in our room just fine."

Some fans have questioned the choices made, but the truth is as Jack stated "A lot will lead without a letter."

When asked about Pandolfo making the team after being there on a try-out, Capuano reminded the press how smart Jay is and how well he understands his role. Just as the Islanders management has said all along, the players who produce will be the ones who play.

Lines may move around some as the chemistry is tinkered with, but Blake Comeau has been moved to the opposite wing. He played the position in the game in Bridgeport and Jack knows it's a bit of a change for him but "hopefully he can adjust."

uh, oh.

Art Staple of Newsday held a live chat today at 1:30 pm. If you weren't able to catch it live, play the repeat. It was very thorough and I enjoyed it. Mostly I enjoyed it because 96% of his answers are what I would have said should I have been asked.

Leaving me to believe that maybe -- just maybe -- I've learned something in the past five years.

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Dominik said...

I don't doubt you've learned a ton over the last five years, Dee. But you've been a good read since Day 1.

Happy Hockey Season!