Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A New Voice Talks About the Isles

Remember last week I said I get requests all the time from people for link exchanges and what-not? Well, I've been holding this one in my back pocket for awhile.

I always thought that I had a unique voice regarding this game since I am old-ish and see things through a mother's eyes and not with a technical manual tucked under my arm. It has not been easy cracking the press box as such, but I haven't done badly for myself in the last five years.

As difficult as it may have been for females in this sport as little as 10 years ago, I failed to think of how difficult it is for the gay community when it comes to hockey.

We've seen it. We've read about it. Brian Burke has championed for it. Well, today I present to you a website that DOES speak about hockey for the gay community called puckbuddys. Started by two Caps fans, the website has a writer for each of the 30 teams.

Here is their Islander writer's season preview team breakdown. I have to say, it's the last time you'll see me link his work. He's too damn good.

Gay or not, @TheLastIslander knows his stuff, give it a read and see if I'm right.

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